Police Digitisation programme

Digital technology has the power to transform policing completely.

The Police Digitisation programme aims to support police forces on their journey towards becoming a "digital force", and in delivering key elements of the National Policing Vision 2016.

To achieve this, the programme provides access to central services, and facilitates knowledge transfer between police forces and other agencies.

The programme is led by the College of Policing, working with forces and with partners - principally the National Policing Information Management Business Area (IMBA) and the Home Office and its Police Innovation Fund.

Achievements to date

The programme has so far:

  • facilitated three knowledge-sharing conferences
  • published a comprehensive survey of digital implementation in 21 forces
  • published the "digital capabilities" which set out what a "digital force" could look like
  • created a dedicated chat room on POLKA (the Police OnLine Knowledge Area) to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Coming soon

The programme will be giving forces further assistance to identify and start digitisation projects, by:

  • publishing the results of the Police Innovation Fund 2014/15 bids and a "heat map" of digitisation work that is happening nationally to highlight collaboration opportunities
  • introducing forces to the Bluelightworks framework consultancy
  • helping forces to design and run projects that deliver efficiency and effectiveness
  • providing business change consultancy, including peer support
  • helping forces to deliver and share evidence-based knowledge, in order to strengthen collaboration and build the profession
  • supporting forces to build effective evaluation processes into their digitisation projects via Regional Evaluation Surgeries
  • facilitating regional meetings and showcase events.

More information

If you are registered on POLKA, you can find detailed information about the programme in the Service Delivery and Business Transformation POLKA communityTo find out about POLKA and how to register, see our POLKA page.

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