The collection

​The collection is made up of books and journals on policing and criminology topics, as well as a wealth of grey literature in the form of reports, statistics and guidance material on UK policing organisation and development.

Books and pamphlets

There are over 55,000 books, pamphlets, theses and conference proceedings on all aspects of policing, crime and criminal justice. There is also a significant collection of material on management, law and some areas of social sciences.


Access to over 10,000 journals is provided via Police Library Search, included many significant policing and criminology titles. See the eResources page for more information about our database and journals. ​

Police Gazette

We hold copies of the Police Gazette (published before 2002), please contact the library for access. If you have a PNN or GSi email address, you can access recent editions on POLKA, go to the communities page and search for 'Police Gazette'. Please note the College does not hold the copyright for the Police Gazette. All queries regarding copyright and reuse of Police Gazette content should be directed at the copyright holders.

Classification scheme for books and pamphlets


3APolice - powers, accountability, sociology, ethics
3BPolice ​​forces - history and description 
3COrganization, planning and administration
3DPersonnel; staff management; education
3EBasic procedures, orders and memoranda; general police manuals
3FPolice departments; police work
3GPublic relations
3HOther official and private police
3JCriminal law and procedure
3LCrimes/offences against the State; political and administrative crimes
3MOffences against public order
3NOffences against the person
3QOffences against property
3SCriminal investigation
3TCrime; criminology; crime prevention
3UJuvenile delinquency
3WProbation; reformation
3XPenal institutions
300-339Social Sciences
600-659Management, Human Resources and Training

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