We offer training in using the Library and our online resources to enable you to make the most of our service.

What we offer

We offer two training sessions and you are invited to book for both sessions or either. The sessions are interactive, so please bring your own laptop.

  • Introduction to the Library (1 hour)

This will provide an overview of the Library and the service that we provide followed by guidance on the use of the Library catalogue and the principal electronic resources available to our users.

  • Advanced skills (2 hours)

These sessions are designed to offer tuition on advanced searching skills and more detailed guidance on the individual electronic products we provide. You are encouraged to raise specific questions related to your work or research, and take the time to try out the resources with the support of the librarian running the session. Where possible, we will try to limit class sizes to a maximum of 5 at any time.

​​Who may use this service

The National Police Library training is available to:

  • All UK serving police officers and staff
  • Training course delegates
  • All College of Policing staff

If you would like to attend a training session, please email us or phone on 01256 602650 to discuss your requirements. We can host a session at a College of Policing site or we can visit you at your office.

Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your force or department
  • A list of proposed dates and the location for the training.
  • If you wish to attend an advanced skills session then it would be useful if you could indicate what you would like to cover.


Library induction sessions

We offer brief Library orientation and induction sessions to College staff and to course delegates.

College staff may simply drop into the Library when they are in Ryton and we will:  register you, give you a tour of the Library space and introduce you to the Library catalogue and the other online resources available to you.

Course leaders please contact the Library to arrange a suitable date and time for their delegates to visit.


"Your presentation was really engaging and it was important in explaining the variety of resources that are available from the Library. Now the delegates have a greater awareness of the material that is available and also how to access it during and after the course. For some delegates this was the first time that the Library system has been explained to them and they were grateful that all the information was so clearly provided." - presentation to SCC

Immediate assistance

We know that you may simply need an answer to a question now. If you are stuck and need some instant help then simply phone the Library on 01256 602650 between 08:30 and 17:00 or send an email.

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