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The Senior Leadership Programme (SLP) supports individual Career development as well as organisational and operational effectiveness. Currently it delivers this free of charge for officers and staff from Home Office Forces. Our main delivery sites are Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry; Sunningdale, near Ascot and Harperley Hall, in County Durham.

In order to complete the SLP, delegates need to undertake 4 modules from the list below. These modules can be taken in any order but must include either the Tactical Professional Policing Skills or the Strategic Professional Policing Skills module.​

Who should attend

​The SLP has been designed for newly promoted chief inspectors, superintendents and police staff equivalents. Officer's and staff who are on formal development programmes to achieve these ranks / positions are also able to apply. Whilst priority will be given to delegates who met these criteria, it may be possible to provide the opportunity for others to attend specific modules as part of their continuing professional development. Delegates from other law enforcement agencies are welcome on the Programme.

Course modules

​Click on the module heading for more details of this module, including dates and availability.

Executive Skills

This Module is designed to equip you with the skills to lead in a complex policing environment where effective and authentic leadership and the ability to influence others is essential. This module explores situational leadership, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and ethical, values based decision making.

You will need to complete a 360 feedback tool and MBTI assessment before attending this module.

"I attended the course with a low expectation that is was just going to be another leadership course. How wrong I was, I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I felt that all of the content was very relevant and though provoking and the course was delivered by very knowledgeable and engaging trainers. First class!"

"This course truly inspired me and the concepts made perfect sense. I have come back with a real desire to pass on this information and give something back to my staff. Hence I have submitted a proposal already as it was a real "Eureka" moment for me."

Valuing Difference and Inclusion

The aim of this module is for you to attending develop an in-depth understanding of the operational value of a diverse workforce. As a result off this module, you will also be able to articulate the strategic business case for valuing difference and inclusion within a policing context.

"Overall, great trainers and a good group of candidates who had a wealth of experience from both police and civilian backgrounds. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and I have taken a lot from the knowledge within the room."

"Fantastic, through provoking and hugely valuable."

Business Skills

This module will enable you to be more effective in managing people, performance, change, finance and resources, in a fluid and challenging working environment. Subjects explored will include project management, systems thinking, business case development and the health and well being agenda within a policing context.

"Really relevant to today's policing landscape. Overall, it made some challenging and potentially dull areas of business relevant and current and provided me with the skills I need in today's workplace."

"A very well thought out programme, which was very well delivered, by tutors who had broad operational experience, who were able to introduce their experience where appropriate into various elements of the course."

Professional Policing Skills (Tactical)

This module is designed to provide you with the skills to operate effectively at the Tactical (Silver) Command level. This module includes sessions on decision making, the use of the National Decision Model, risk principles, threats from radicalisation, human rights, and the management of critical incidents. The HYDRA immersive learning environment is used to consolidate the learning on this module.

"The module was a good example of the quality of teaching that can be achieved by facilitating the sharing of knowledge amongst competent , experienced professionals. It took us from knowing but not recognising many of the issues, to being truly cognisant of them and how they can be applied to assist our decision making."

"I couldn't believe it but my first day back at work I called 2 critical incidents (both high risk MFH's) and then sat as police silver for the response to the flooding in [redacted]. The skills I picked up on the course certainly helped, so thank you very much!"

Professional Policing Skills (Strategic)

This module is designed to provide you with the skills to operate effectively at the Strategic (Gold) Command level. It contains sessions on human rights, risk principles, threats from radicalisation and the psychology of command. In addition, delegates will hear from highly credible presenters, and commanders of some of the most critical events in recent policing history. The HYDRA immersive learning environment is also used to consolidate the learning on this module.

"The input on the London riots was excellent. The course content is absolutely fit for purpose and the academic and operational balance is just right and with the addition of the IPCC input, this course was really enjoyable and extremely beneficial to me in my role"

"Thoroughly enjoyed it! Well structured, relevant with huge benefit in mixing with a cohort of police officers and police staff. Relevant, transferable skills gained on the module."

Assessment Processes / Accreditation Details

The SLP is not an accredited or assessed programme, however through attendance on the programme you will have the opportunity to complete a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification. The CMI is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. The qualifications are vocationally based and relevant to your role / position. The work based assignments set by the CMI and the College of Policing provide a clear pathway for you to provide evidence of your leadership knowledge and skills. CMI qualifications at Level 7 portray practical skills and competences that are rated in academic terms as being comparable to Postgraduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Postgraduate Certificates.

To achieve the CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership you will need to have completed the SLP and in addition you will be required to complete work on two CMI Units, which will be independently assessed.

The opportunity to complete the qualification is at a substantially reduced rate than if accessed outside the College of Policing, with the candidate responsible only for CMI registration. The assessment, verification and administration costs for delegates from Home Office Forces are currently being met by the College. The CMI and College of Policing also offer a variety of study resources to support the candidate throughout the assessment process.

Special Constabulary Senior Leadership Programme

The College of Policing also offers the Specials Constabulary (SC) Senior Leadership Programme. This Programme has been developed to give SC Chief Inspectors and Inspectors operating at Chief Inspector level the learning and development opportunities which are available to regular colleagues who attend the SLP. This is a four day programme which is spread over two weekends.

The SLP is provided free of charge to Home Office Forces, cancellation fees will apply.
Costs for Non-Home Office Forces:​

Course ​Cost
​Executive Skills​£1606
​Valuing Difference and Inclusion ​£1647
​Business Skills​£1560
​Professional Policing Skills (Strategic or Tactical)​£1364
​Special Constabulary Leadership Programme​£1600
​CMI Assessment Costs​£500

In order to apply for the SLP please complete the Application Form and email to the contact address below.

Phone: +44 (0) 1256 602300



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