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Accessing College of Policing national resources

The national supporting resources are available through the College of Policing's managed learning environment (MLE).

Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship
Organisations (Higher Education Institutes, Training Providers, etc.) interested in working collaboratively with police forces can request access to the PCDA resources necessary for tendering purposes.  Terms and conditions of use are stipulated, and must be agreed and adhered to.  Access will be granted to one individual per organisation.

For further information and to arrange access to the PCDA resources, please contact us by emailing

These resources are intended to ensure that collaborative development of the PEQF programmes are in accordance with national standards. 

 National Guidance and Quality Assurance Strategy

National guidance for collaborative provision

Offers guidance for police forces and higher education institutions (HEIs) on commissioning and procuring collaborative provision of educational qualifications for policing. This includes guiding principles for the designing, developing, and delivering collaborative educational programmes, in order to maintain the value, quality and consistency of the provision and the learning experience.

National Quality Assurance Strategy

​Explains how the College is taking account of existing quality assurance processes in the wider policing and educational arena. The College uses these processes in overseeing and supporting police forces and awarding organisations towards self-monitoring, sharing information and shared responsibility for the PEQF programmes they develop.




 Police Community Support Officer Apprenticeships (PCSO)

PCSO National Programme Specification

​This underpins the development of the PCSO Apprenticeship. It sets out core requirements that must be integrated into all the programmes.

PCSO Curriculum, Qualification and Assessment

​Sets out the learning outcomes and indicative learning content to support the development of the PCSO apprenticeship.  The documents provides the criteria for assessment of the operational competence of those undertaking the PCSO role

The Certificate in Community Policing Practice (level 4 national qualification) is a gateway qualification to entering the end-point-assessment phase of the apprenticeship.




 Police Constable Degree Apprenticeships

National Policing Curriculum for the PCDA

​A degree-based national curriculum for the professional education of entrants into policing via the PC apprenticeship entry route. A standardised benchmark for the professional education of the apprentice police constable, enabling them to meet the requirements of the level 6 national apprenticeship standard. The structure, content and academic progression of degrees in professional policing practice will be founded on the national curriculum.

PCDA national programme specification

Sets out core requirements that must be integrated into all PCDA programmes developed through a collaborative approach involving a police force and awarding TDAP organisation. The programme specification defines the national identity of the product and informs national consistency. Programmes must be developed in accordance with this national programme specification prior to any delivery. Compliance will be undertaken and will be assessed through two interlinked processes – the College of Policing's Quality Standards Assessment and the awarding organisation's own validation/programme approval.

PCDA guidelines for assessing professional competence

​Explains how ongoing assessment of operational competence forms an integral part of the degree apprenticeship. The document provides national guidance and specifies assessment criteria for achieving independent patrol status during year one of the apprenticeship. It also provides national guidance and assessment criteria for portfolio-building in preparation for final assessment of operational competence as part of the formal apprenticeship assessment process.


Pre-join Degree in Professional Policing

Police forces have been provided access to these resources initially, however alternative licencing arrangements will be put in place to allow training providers to access Pre-join Degree related materials in due course :  

  • Pre-join Degree National Programme Specification
  • Pre-join Degree in Professional Policing National Curriculum

If you require access to these resources for tendering purposes please contact the PEQF team and we will be in touch with further information on these arrangements during early 2018.   

Degree Holder Entry Route Programme

Further work to the curriculum, supporting documentation and processes is being undertaken to address stakeholder feedback, therefore documentation for the Degree-holder Entry Route will be released early 2018.  

If you require access to these resources for tendering purposes please contact the PEQF team and we will be in touch with further information on these arrangements during early 2018.

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