Strategic Command Course

The Strategic Command Course (SCC) prepares police officers and staff for promotion to the most senior ranks in the service.

`This course is open to police officers at Superintendent and Chief Superintendent ranks, and staff at equivalent grades, from all UK forces who have shown the potential to progress further in their careers. It is a statutory requirement for officers seeking promotion to Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) and above.

Application Process:
Those who would like to attend the SCC should complete the SCC application process form. All applicants will now complete the same form. This form should be used by:

  • Police officers applying to attend the Senior Police National Assessment Centre (Senior PNAC) to attain a place on the SCC
  • Police staff applying to attend the Senior Police Staff Assessment Process to attain a place on the SCC
  • Assistant Chief Officers (ACOs) applying to attend the SCC
  • Those from external agencies applying to attend the SCC

It is important that applicants allow sufficient time for all stages to be completed before the application deadline, the application windows are:

  • 27 November 2017 - 31 January 2018 for those applying to attend Senior PNAC or the Senior Police Staff Assessment Centre April 2018 to attain a place on the SCC
  • 31 May 2018 - 31 July 2018 for those applying to attend Senior PNAC or the Senior Police Staff Assessment Centre November 2018 to attain a place on the SCC
  • 31 May 2018 - 19 October 2018 for ACOs and external applicants applying directly to the SCC

The 2018 application form documentation can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page.

Senior PNAC/Senior Police Staff Information Session

The College of Policing is offering the opportunity to attend Information Sessions for Senior PNAC and Senior Police Staff Assessment Process. These sessions are open to Chief Superintendents, Superintendents and police staff of equivalent grades who are, or are considering, applying to attend Senior PNAC/Senior Police Staff Assessment Process in 2018.

The information sessions will provide information about the assessment centre and the SCC to demystify the process. There will also be the opportunity to have any questions answered by the team.

There are two sessions available:

  • Tuesday 20 February (College of Policing, Ryton)
  • Wednesday 21 February in London (venue TBC)

If you are unavailable to attend a session in person, the slide deck will be made available on the internet.
If you would like to register your interest to attend the event then please email by Friday 2 February.

The course

The Strategic Command Course is policing's most senior leadership development programme. It is a prerequisite for officers seeking to attain the rank of chief police officer in UK forces. The course is also open to international police delegates and those from other law enforcement agencies aspiring to the most senior positions in their home countries.  The SCC is open to those across the public sector who are working at the Executive Level.

The overall aim of the course is to develop senior leaders in law enforcement to lead policing operations and organisations locally, regionally and nationally, at Chief Officer level.  The course also provides a unique opportunity for senior police staff and leaders from across the public sector to engage in a demanding and stretching leadership development programme.  All participants greatly benefit from the broad range of experience and perspectives shared by colleagues from within policing nationally and internationally and from partner organisations.

The course is delivered through a combination of highly demanding strategic exercises, sessions lead by inspirational speakers from within and external to policing who bring valuable personal experiences of leadership at the strategic level and academic expertise, supported by shared learning across the cohort.  Each element of the course is assessed, participants will complete a range of assignments and tasks designed to expand their thinking and support the translation of learning back to the workplace.

The SCC is one part of the overall leadership development of Chief Officers.  All graduates of the course leave with a personal development plan to support their continuing professional development. 

Module 1 - Operational Leadership
 (15 January to 9 February 2018)
Focuses on the high risk areas of operational policing – aims to develop qualified operational police commanders ready now to be appointed to Chief Officer roles across the UK.
Module 2 - Organisational Leadership (26 February to 22 March 2018)

Aims to develop accountable public sector leaders and equip them with the business skills required to lead and transform high profile multi-million pound public sector organisations with integrity whilst safeguarding the public.
​Personal Leadership

Aims to develop resilient, confident, emotionally intelligent, ethical, politically astute leaders with clear values, integrity and the ability to create and communicate organisational and personal vision.
​Strategic Partnerships

Aims to develop senior leaders to identify and maximise the opportunities and benefits of working in public and private sector partnerships and collaborations.

Preparing for the Strategic Command Course

Delegates will be allocated to an executive coach who will work with them throughout the course. There will be a requirement to complete some self-study in preparation for the start of the programme.

Senior PNAC officer candidates who have not already attended the Gold Public Order Commanders Course, Strategic Firearms Command Course, Multi-Agency Gold Incident Command or, if senior investigators, PIP4 are strongly encouraged to attend one of these courses prior to the start of the SCC.  The PPS module is designed to build on operating as Gold and then take the learning to a more strategic level.

Details for all the courses can be found by clicking here.

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