Information for potential providers

The introduction of pre-join development opportunities - prior to recruitment and training to become a warranted police constable - is attracting considerable interest from police forces in England and Wales.

Any potential providers must consider the Policing Education Qualification Framework (PEQF) new entry routes for Police Constables being introduced from 1 January 2020 across England and Wales. For further information can be found our Policing Education Qualification Framework  page.

Pre-Join Approved Provider Scheme

The Pre-Join Approved Provider Scheme provides Police Forces with assurances that the set national minimum requirements for delivery of this area of learning are in place. This is achieved by quality assuring the learning provision by reviewing detailed evidence, against a framework of criteria using the Police Service Quality Management System (PSQMS).

Approved Providers currently offering courses are listed by region on our List of Approved Providers page.

Joining the Pre-Join Approved Provider Scheme

As part of the Pre-Join Approved Provider Scheme, the national Pre-Join Curriculum and related learning resources will be made available to providers, subject to a licence agreement and annual fee.

For more information and to express an interest in becoming a Pre-Join Approved Provider please contact the Business Support Administration Team.

Please see below for the Pre-Join Approved Provider process.

  • Applicant requests 'Expression of Interest' Pack from Business Support Administration Team
  • One to one guidance session with College Staff
  • Applicant completes and returns application documents (Signed Licence Agreement, Application Form, Purchase Order, Provider Registration Form) to Business Support Administration Team
  • College sends Invoice for initial annual fee (£5,000 pro rata)
  • On confirmation of the invoice Payment College provides access for nominated trainers to the MLE containing all the learning materials and access for nominated contacts to the Police Service Quality Management System (PSQMS.)
  • QA Advisor Allocated
  • Applicant submits application for approval via Police Service Quality Management System
  • Submission reviewed by QA Advisor
  • If required, Applicant provides additional information*
  • Submission validated by Approval Panel
  • Approval granted
  • Approval confirmation letter is sent
  • On successful approval only, Applicant can start to deliver training and is listed on the Approved Provider page of the College website. Applicant will be supplied with the Approved Provider Mark and the Pre-Join to Policing Course Completion Certificate template

*these steps to be repeated until submission meets required standard

Pre-Approval Support

To support you in making an early self-assessment, the College provides a guidance session for potential providers.  This is a compulsory part of the process which can be arranged by contacting the Accreditation and Assurance Team (Email – ). This enables the College of Policing to discuss with you the Approval Criteria and give further information on the delivery and assessment of the Pre-Join Programme.  In addition to this, you are given the opportunity to discuss the CKP programme in further detail and confirm your suitability to commence with the scheme.

Post-Approval Support

Post approval support is outlined in the Approved Provider Guide issued to all approved providers, this includes meetings / workshops to provide updates and one to one guidance sessions. Alternatively email:

Changes to Staff

If you have any changes to your staff you may find it beneficial for them to have a full understanding of the scheme and the Re-Approval Criteria. You can contact the Accreditation and Assurance Team and a one to one guidance session can be arranged.

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