Integrity in policing

In the interest of the public, the College of Policing will set and maintain the highest standards of integrity in the policing profession.

Integrity in policing is about ensuring that the people who work for the police uphold the values of the service, strive to do the right thing in all situations and have the confidence of the public.

It is not simply about whether the public think the police are involved in corruption and misconduct, although clearly this is important. It is also about how well the police make decisions, deal with situations and treat people day in, day out.

If the public don't trust the police to be fair and act ethically and in their best interests, the evidence suggests they will be more likely to break the law and less inclined to help the police.

The College of Policing has therefore launched an Integrity Programme for policing in England and Wales, to embed an effective, professional and consistent approach to integrity. The programme comprises five work areas:

Code of Ethics
We have developed and published a Code of Ethics for the policing profession in England and Wales, which sets and defines the exemplary standards of behaviour for everyone working in policing.
Developing the evidence base
Research will focus on the role of leadership and "what works" in preventing wrongdoing within organisations. This will establish foundations for improving policing integrity.
We will publish the professional standards required to practise as a police officer. We will also develop a national register of officers who have been dismissed from the police service, and will introduce greater transparency around the outcomes of misconduct proceedings held in the 43 forces in England and Wales.

We have now collated and published information on chief officers' pay and rewards and gifts and hospitality offered to chief officers in every police force in England and Wales. We have added details of registered business interests held by chief officers.
Workforce development
We will ensure that arrangements for the recruitment, retention and progression of police officers and staff embody more fully the College's values of integrity; respect and openness; use of the evidence base for policing; and continuous professional development.
We will develop a code of practice for vetting prospective employees and those seeking senior promotion.

Our ambition is for the public to be confident that:

  • police officers adhere to a national code of professional policing practice and will receive professional development throughout their careers
  • a rigorous system of vetting is applied to everyone joining the police, seeking promotion and entering chief officer ranks
  • their local police force encourages internal challenge of wrongdoing
  • officers who have been dismissed from the service for misconduct will be prevented from working as a officers in other forces
  • there is transparency around police officers' business interests.

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