National Police Promotion Framework

On 1st April 2015 the Police (Promotion) Regulations 2015 amended the method by which police officers in England and Wales are promoted to the rank of Sergeant and Inspector.

The most significant changes were the removal of OSPRE Part II and the introduction of the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) and in particular the requirement to undertake work based assessment as part of temporary promotion.

To assist forces in the transition phase of NPPF a number of documents have been published. These publications are primarily aimed at those who will implement the promotion process but the NPPF Operating Manual may also be of assistance to officers who wish to understand the process in greater detail.

The NPPF Process

Step 1Competence in current rank​Confirmation that an officer is competent in their current rank​Requires line manager confirmation
Step 2 Examination of law and procedureProvides an objective assessment of the officer’s knowledge and understanding of relevant law and procedureFive validity period commencing from the date of the exam applies
Step 3Local selection process and matching to vacanciesAllows forces to manage the number of candidates against the number of planned vacancies within the force. It is a competency based assessment, designed and delivered in force under national quality assurance arrangements Successful candidates may be moved to a holding pool for 12 months* until a suitable vacancy arises.
* Period may be extended in certain circumstances
Step 4Temporary promotion for a minimum 12 months and work based assessmentOfficers are given temporary* promotion to the next rank. They are developed and assessed within that role against National Occupational Standards (NOS).
*Officers who have previously passed OSPRE Part I and II are substantively promoted
Step 4 is in two parts and an officer must pass both parts to be substantively promoted
A. Work based Assessment / NOS
B. Performance over the entire 12 months in the rank

More information

Our NPPF FAQ'S (NPPF FAQs) answer a number of questions. This document will be updated periodically in response to additional questions

For further information on force implementation please contact George Couch, College of Policing at

Candidates should contact their Force Examinations Office.

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