New guidance on financial investigation now available

​New guidance on financial investigation can now be found on our Authorised Professional Practice (APP) website.

The new module is a reviewed and updated investigative resource for frontline officers and investigators to use and replaced existing ACPO guidance on financial investigation.

A financial investigation is any investigation into a person or person's financial matters. It could also involve the investigation into the finances of a business or a private limited company. A financial investigation can determine where money comes from, how it is moved and how it is used.

Policing practice developer Anna Akerman said: ''The module focuses on the knowledge and awareness required for a non-specialist investigator to use financial investigative tools, to understand money laundering, and instigate asset recovery and the confiscation of criminal property.''

The module has been developed in close consultation with the National Crime Authority Proceeds of Crime Centre and the National Financial Investigation and Proceeds of Crime Portfolio.

The module supersedes all pre-existing APP on financial investigation, and will replace both the ACPO (2006) Practice Advice on Financial Investigation and ACPO (2007) Practice Advice on the Management and Use of Proceeds of Crime Legislation.

It provides relevant links to both primary legislation and case law, as well as numerous case studies that contextualize the use of financial investigation within everyday policing investigations, into crimes such as theft, drug dealing, and even murder.

Key areas covered under the new Financial investigation APP are:

  1. Effective financial investigation
  2. Using financial information
  3. Money laundering (Criminal property offences)
  4. Asset recovery
  5. Cash seizure
  6. Forfeiture and deprivation
  7. Confiscation and recovery
  8. Training and accreditation

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