College news

College endorses alternative fitness tests for officers 23 January 2017

College endorses two new alternative fitness tests for officers.

Briefing document to help forces prepare for changes to pre-charge bail laws 20 January 2017

The College of Policing has today published a briefing document to support forces in England and Wales preparing for significant changes to the law around pre-charged bail.

College comment on annual crime statistics 19 January 2017

Digital crimes for the full year included in annual crime figures for the first time.

New national strategy for police custody 13 January 2017

Police chiefs have developed a set of nationally consistent principles to complement existing legislation and guidance and help forces ensure that they are using custody in a way that is legitimate, effective and efficient.

College response to announcement linking police pay to professional development 01 January 2017

Rachel Tuffin, Director of Knowledge, Research and Education at the College of Policing, said: “We know the nature of police work is changing with more public protection work and increasing demand, particularly online.

Official recognition for officers 15 December 2016

We have commenced a programme of work to design a Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) intended to support the development of policing as a profession through the provision of a coherent national approach to recognising and raising educational standards in policing. Significant developments in how police are promoted, qualified and enter the service will change the future of policing, it has been announced by the College of Policing. For the first time, police officers across England and Wales can get the recognition seen in other professions by obtaining education qualifications which acknowledge the skills and professionalism required to do... Read more

College statement in response to HMIC national legitimacy report 08 December 2016

Detective Superintendent Ray Marley, the College of Policing lead for integrity and professional standards, said: “Today’s report has highlighted a number of unacceptable cases which have a significant impact on the victims and public confidence.

New approach to vulnerability for policing announced 30 November 2016

Almost £2million has been awarded to the College of Policing to transform the service’s approach to vulnerability, it was said today.

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