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College comment following IPCC guidance on a death or serious injury incidents involving police 21 February 2017

Richard Bennett, Uniformed Policing Lead for the College of Policing, said: “We agree there should be no conferring before a statement is made but separation should be decided by a senior officer who is in command of an incident and will know if it is safe, necessary and practical to do so.

Guiding Principles for organisational leadership published 14 February 2017

Officers and staff in forces across England and Wales who display leadership skills will be encouraged and supported to progress their careers, according to a new guide published by the College of Policing today.

Chief officer survey results 07 February 2017

The College of Policing will work with police leaders to develop proposals for a national hub for the development and selection of senior police leadership, in response to the findings of a chief officer appointments survey released today.

Comment in response to HMIC report on stop and search 02 February 2017

Garth Stinson, Stop and Search Lead at the College of Policing, said: “Today's report demonstrates the continued commitment of police forces to use the powers fairly, legally and professionally so that the public can continue to have confidence in the officers who protect them.

Briefing materials published to help forces prepare for changes to pre-charge bail laws 31 January 2017

The College of Policing has published briefing materials to support forces in England and Wales preparing for significant changes to the law around pre-charge bail.

Use of restraint in mental health settings 25 January 2017

People restrained in mental health settings will get the care they need ‘rather than control’ under new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) drawn up for police and healthcare professionals.

College endorses alternative fitness tests for officers 23 January 2017

College endorses two new alternative fitness tests for officers.

College comment on annual crime statistics 19 January 2017

Digital crimes for the full year included in annual crime figures for the first time.

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