02 March 2017

Our comment following announcement on conducted energy devices

Richard Bennett, Uniformed Policing lead, said: “This equipment can offer frontline officers protection and assist them in de-escalating potentially dangerous situations.

“We will support officers with the most up to date training, research and information and the existing training will now be adapted to reflect the new model.

"The training package is one of longest and most comprehensive in the world. In addition, the information that forces have decided to collect and publish will reflect the difficult decisions officers often have to take to keep the public safe."

Note to editors:

  1. Every year officers who are issued with the equipment receive one day of refresher training and testing to ensure that their knowledge and skills are up to date.
  2. Officers who are already trained on the existing device will receive two days of training to convert to the new one and to provide their annual refresher.
  3. Officers who are being issued with a conducted energy device for the first time have to undertake three days of training with a pass/fail assessment.
  4. The College has published national guidance on the police use of force and is available on the College website.

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