11 September 2017

College media mentions in the last seven days

There have been a number of media articles referencing the College over the last week. Here is a summary of the coverage:

​Friday, 8 September:

Call for comprehensive race strategy after Lammy Review – BT.com

Ministers have been urged to put in place a race strategy following the publication of the Lammy Review.

Gareth Wilson, National Police Chiefs' Council lead for equality and diversity, said: "The NPCC will now work with the College of Policing and the Home Office to consider how we can record data on ethnicity and make it available for scrutiny."

Policing no longer a job for life, according to Essex Police Federation – Braintree and Witham Times

The federation claims that policing is no longer a job for life after recent figures revealed the number of resignations from the service had more than doubled since 2011.

Phil Suarez, federation secretary, said: "I think we have to accept the fact that for many youngsters now coming into the profession, it isn't a job for life.

"Even really probably from a College of Policing perspective, it's sold as a five-year career, perhaps, where you uplift your skills, you bring something unique to the party yourself. Maybe you've been a graduate or you've had experience in other walks of life.


Thursday, 7 September:

Low morale' and pay hitting officers in Gloucestershire, according to survey – Cotswold Journal

Police in Gloucestershire feel that they are not paid fairly for the pressures and strains they face at work.

The chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), Steve White, said: "Every police force, HMIC and the College of Policing must now place greater emphasis on working together to improve police officer morale, welfare and wellbeing before it is too late."

Accredited digital investigator programme underway – Police Professional (behind paywall)

Eighty people could soon start training to become the world's first professionally accredited cyber digital investigators.

Keith Lumley, an associate at the College of Policing, said: "It's focused at those individuals who are at the core of investigations, those who may have to present evidence at court on their cyber digital investigation skills.

"We are talking high tech crime units at this stage, we are not talking about every cop or law enforcement professional – those you give the most complex investigations from a cyber digital point of view."


Wednesday, 6 September:

Two Met Police officers could face criminal charges over car chase deaths – The Guardian

IPCC says the officers may have committed offences during pursuit in London that led to deaths of two people.

According to College of Policing guidelines, officers are expected to have proper authorisation and training before a pursuit and must decide whether it is "justified, proportionate and conforms to the principle of least intrusion".

Forces are "really struggling" to keep up with disruptions caused by advances in social media – Police Professional (behind paywall)

A report funded by the College of Policing argues a radical rethink is required to bring the police service's social media processes up to date.


Tuesday, 5 September:

Prince William to focus on mental health at policing conference – Belfast Telegraph
The Duke of Cambridge has pledged to raise awareness of the mental health issues facing first responders.
The event, part of an effort to create a national police strategy to address the issue, is being hosted by the College of Policing and the National Police Chiefs Council.

Police officers 'finding it hard to put food on the table for their families' as survey shows damning results – Gloucestershire Gazette
The survey found that 81.5 per cent of officers feel they aren't paid fairly and 91.9 per cent feel there is low morale.
The chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), Steve White said forces, HMIC and the College of Policing must now place greater emphasis on working together to improve police officer morale.

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