02 October 2017

College media mentions in the last seven days

There have been a number of media articles referencing the College over the last week. Here is a summary of the coverage:

​Over the weekend:

MDP firearms training licence suspended by the College of Policing – Police Professional (behind paywall)
The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) has temporarily lost its endorsement from the College of Policing over its provision of firearms training. As the MDP is not a Home Office territorial force, it volunteers to be subject to college standards.

Friday, 29 September:

Ministry of Defense Police lost firearms endorsement - Police Oracle (behind paywall)
The College of Policing has said it has suspended its endorsement of the MoD's firearms training arrangements.

Thursday, 28 September:

Officer recruitment in Derbyshire - Derbyshire Times
Deadline for applications to Derbyshire Constabulary close on Saturday night. Mentions it will be the last time people who don't have a degree or equivalent qualification can join the force. Adding, the 'College of Policing…has said that from 2020, new recruits needs policing degree, a bolt-on policing qualification, or a police apprenticeship.'

Armed police responsibilities - Bristol Post
Senior officers say they don't have a shoot-to-kill policy - but armed police given responsibility for deciding when to fire and taught to aim for areas that often result in fatal wounds. Article following the fatal police shooting in Avon & Somerset quotes the College of Policing Armed Policing guidelines.

Number of mental health calls to North Yorkshire Police show huge rise – The Press (York)
North Yorkshire Police say that about 40 per cent of calls to the force control room (FCR) relate to mental health issues rather than crime. Inspector Bill Scott, North Yorkshire Police's lead for mental health, is quoted saying "We have been working extensively with the NHS and College of Policing in a £1 million collaboration to enhance the training our staff receive so we can improve our response to people experiencing mental distress."

Wednesday, 27 September:

Ministry of Defence Police firearms training in doubt - Herald Scotland

The College of Policing has suspended its endorsement of the Ministry of Defence Police firearms training arrangements

Statement in full:

Richard Bennett from the College of Policing said: "The College of Policing has suspended its endorsement of the Ministry of Defence Police firearms training arrangements until MDP is in a position to demonstrate that it is consistently delivering training to the very high standards set by the College.

"We are now working hard with the MDP to support them so that we can endorse their training arrangements again as soon as possible.

"The suspension does not mean that the MDP must stop training its staff or that its staff cannot carry and use firearms to protect important sites and the public."

Tuesday, 26 September:

Direct Entry Superintendent opens doors to the BBC - BBC
Superintendent Maggie Blyth from Hampshire Police speaks about her training on the job after more than 2,000 people apply for the scheme run by the College of Policing.

Drop in number of people on bail - Police Professional
Figures released by the College of Policing show just four per cent of suspects were bailed following a change in legislation.

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