Become a member of the first professional body for policing in the world. It’s free for all police officers and staff from eligible* organisations.

How do I join?

Step 1: If you are eligible to join and have active MLE (NCALT) login credentials, just click on the button.
Step 2: Read and agree the terms and conditions (available on the login page).

Join here
Congratulations! You are now a fully signed up member in phase one of College of Policing Membership. Working with you, we will continue to develop and grow the benefits for members.

Membership has been designed for your personal use and convenience so you can access it from any device – work pc, work mobile device, personal pc or personal mobile.
To keep it easy your login details are the same ones you use for getting onto your College e-learning (MLE / NCALT). If you can't remember the details you will need to reset your password. Please do this before you begin your membership registration. 

Why should I join?

Most professions have an association, institute or college that you can join. Now policing is one of them.

By joining the College of Policing now you will be involved in it right from the start. You can guide and shape what police officers and staff of the future experience as members, all the while having access to the experience, information and special benefits that being a member already provides.

*Who can join?

Staff and officers from all Home Office forces plus PSNI, BTP, CNC, MODp, NCA, States of Guernsey, States of Jersey and College of Policing staff

What can I get from the membership site?

  1. Daily policing news summary
  2. One stop access to all College developments, products and services including, for the first time, a complete list of all development programmes
  3. Register your preferred email, and your personal profile with details of your experience, CPD, skills and qualifications that you can download, share and use as a CV summary
  4. Access to career information
  5. Access to free mentoring service
  6. Access to member only benefits/opportunities as they become available, so far for example - work shadow and study in Durham and Leicestershire
  7. Access to optional, paid-for services that will support you with your personal development and career aspirations such as executive coaching.

If there is anything missing that you expected to see, anything you see that you didn't expect, or you have any thoughts on how we could improve the membership offer, we would really value your views.


What are the plans for the future?

This is the early release of the membership website and what you will experience now is not the final product but a work in progress. We need your feedback to help us to build and improve the offering.

Membership in phase one is only open to policing professionals from Police forces in England and Wales, along with British Transport Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, College of Policing, Guernsey Police, Ministry of Defence Police, National Crime Agency, States of Jersey Police and the Police Service of Northern Ireland as you must have a PNN (Police National Network) or GSi (Government Secure intranet) email address to authenticate your identity.

Our first members will be policing professionals (police officers and staff) working in these police forces and organisations but in the future we will open Membership to a wider audience. This may include those working with police professionals or who have an interest in policing. These Membership types will be chargeable and available to both UK and International audiences. The packages will be announced when they become available.

How else can I be involved?

You could join the Members' Committee. This influential committee was set up in June 2015. It meets three times a year and reports directly to the College Board. The committee has been tasked with promoting and supporting the development of membership of the College and its members' services and facilities. Reports from their meetings are published in the Members' Hub (POLKA login required).


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