Disclosure log

The College of Policing's disclosure log provides details of previous requests for information received and our response. It is recommended that you review the disclosure log before submitting a request for information to us as you may find the information you are seeking has already been disclosed.  Our disclosure log will be updated on a regular basis and we will add new requests and our response on this page.

If you have any comments or queries about our disclosure log please contact us at FOI@College.pnn.police.uk

January 2015

01. Investigator roles

02. Corporate Risk Register


03. Cybercrime e-learning


04. Police College reunion


06. Winsor 2 recommendations


07. International services provided by College

​08. OSPRE exam NI

09. Taser guidance

10. Mental health of police officers

February 2015

​01. Disapproved Register


​02. Designated Police Cells


​​03. Attendance at College Conferences by Doctors

0​​​4. Stun guns/body worn video

​March 2015

01. ​Police Information Notices (PINs)


02. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel


03. ​Contact details for College staff

​04. Disapproved Register


05. ​Legal status of the College


06. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel


07. ​Restraining/arrest techniques used by the Metropolitan Police

​08. ​Fast track and direct entry

​​​09. OSPRE results and analysis

​10. ​Contract with Amey

11. College Board Meeting Minutes

​​12. Public Order arrest policies

13. National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​April 2015

​01. Road policing tactics directory


02. ​Safety in Mind video

​03. Publication of Gifts, Hospitality and Expenses


​04. Advertising in Police Journal


​05. ​National Investigating Examinations


06. ​Commission to Review Management of Police Injury Awards, Etc.

​07. Excusing Dishonest Officers

​08. ​International services provided by College

​09. ​Directors benefits and rewards

​10. ​Police Information Notices (PINs)

​​​11. Guidance for recipients of simple cautions

​May 2015

​01. ​Guidance for recipients of simple cautions


​02. Body Worn Video


​03. Mainstream Cyber Crime Training for non-HO  forces


​​04. ​Fast Track candidate numbers

​​05. National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)

​​06. ​College of Policing staff numbers


​June 2015

01. ​Code of Ethics


02. ​Fast Track and Direct Entry


03. ​Sex Offenders' Register


04. ​Historic Cannabis Police Guidance


05. ​Detention by police

06. ​Disapproved Register


07. ​Training guidance for police officers and PCSOs

08. National Centre for Domestic Violence

​09. Victim Diaries

​10. ​Police promotion in UK

11. APP on Undercover Policing

​12. Disapproved Register

​​13. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​July 2015

​​01. Police Race Code history


02. National Investigators' Exam


​03. ​Crime Prevention initiatives


04. Injury on duty awards and police medical  appeal boards


05. Disapproved Register

​​​06. Disapproved Register

​​07. Disapproved Register

​08. ​ANPR Markers

​August 2015

​01. Police Badges


02. ​Police Leadership Review


03. ​Contact details for College staff


04. ​Authorising Officer for the College

​05. ​Police incidents and Mental Health

​06. Qualifications needed to join police

​07. ​PAVA and CS sprays used by forces

​September 2015

01. ​College VAT number


02. ​SEARCH assessment data


​03. Senior Command Course


04. ​Police training in spiritual abuse

​​05. NCND guidance

​​​06. Child Sexual abuse guidance

07. ​National Undercover Scrutiny Panel


​October 2015

01. ​College work with Saudi Arabia


​02. OSPRE result dates


03. ​College work with Saudi Arabia


04. ​List of Independent members for appointing PCC


05. College work with Saudi Arabia

​​06. ​ANPR Data

​07. ​SCC pre-read lists

​08. ​Minutes of National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​November 2015

01. Cohesion dedicated police personnel


02. ​Number of data breaches by College


​03. College work with Belarus


​04. College work with Saudi Arabia


​05. Policing protests report

06. National Police Firearms Training Curriculum

​​​07. College membership committee

​​08. ​National Undercover Working Group

​​​09. College legal status

​December 2015

​01. PSNI Sergeant promotion process


02. ​Funding for Professional Body memberships

​​03. ​Crime report training


​January 2016

01. ​Role plays used during firearms training  


02. ​College international work - Bahrain 


03. ​College Board materials 


04. ​Police investigations


05. Report on academic recognition for officers and staff  


​06. College international work - Occupied  Palestinian Territories


07. ​College international work - Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Colombia


​​08. ​NPPF Step 2 MCQ Exam results for 2015

​09. College training materials which are licenced

​​10. ​National Investigators' Exam statistics 2015

​​​11. Police budgets 2012-2016

​​12. ​National Undercover Working Group Terms of Reference 

​​13. International Policing Assistance Board (IPAB) applications for Saudi Arabia ​

​14. Direct Entry - numbers of candidates and costs 


February 2016

01. ​Information held on POLKA  


02. ​OSPRE Inspectors' Exam 2015  


​03. College relationship with National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)  


04. Sexual offences and violent activities/crimes committed  by Armed Forces personnel    


​​05. Practice advice on Expert Advisors ​

​​06. ​How to apply to become police officer  

​​​07. College international work - Students by nationality and sums paid   

​08. Levels and source of funding for the College for FY 2015/6 and 2016/7


​March 2016 

​01. HMRC Liability of College Secondees


​02. Witness Protection Officers


​03. Number of College staff deployed to Euro 2016

​​​04. Licensing of non-police trainers

​​​05. ​Mandatory testing of detainees for disabilities

​06. ​Police budgets 2012 - 2016

​07. College international work - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain

​08. Materials from Professional Committee meeting held 7 January 2016

​09. Police training on identification of warrants

​10. Missing persons APP

​11. Interviewing child suspects

​12. How to apply to become a police officer


​April 2016

01. ​Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs)


02. ​Police use of drones

​​03. ​AEP L60A2 baton round


​May 2016

01. UK authorities and Interpol


02. ​Disapproved register


​03. College income received from international nations


​04. Public Order Manual of Tactical Operations (1983)


​​​05. Investigation of College Staff by IPCC

​​​06. Arrest conditions

​07. College international work - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain 

08. Strategic Command Course 2016


​June 2016

01. ​College staff earnings


02. ​Pre-charge bail

03. ​Officer safety training


​04. ​Body Worn Video

​05. ​Financial budget for College

​06. ​Rape investigations


​July 2016

01. ​Public order training curriculum


02. ​College international work - Saudi Arabia


​03. College international work - Bahrain


04. ​Paper on CSE demand


05. ​Warnings, reprimands or cautions are held on national and local police databases 


​06. MG11 Statements

​​07. ​College international work - Bangladesh

​​08. ​Information on SIS II

​09. ​College international work - Saudi Arabia

​​10. ​College budget 2015-16

​​​11. Overseas Security and Justice Assistance (OSJA) and IPAB form 427


​August 2016

01. ​Digital evidence


02. ​College international work - Saudi Arabia


03. ​College international work - Egypt


​04. College international work - Mexico

​​05. ​Disapproved register

​​06. College international work - Police Scotland

​07. Criminal Justice Faculty

​September 2016

​01. Police training - pursuits


02. ​TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment


​03. College international work - Mexico


04. ​College Associates


​05. College international work - China


06. ​College work in Bahrain


07. ​OSPRE exams


08. ​Minutes of the National Undercover Scrutiny Panel

​​09. ​Taser training course

​10. OSPRE exams

​​11. ​Question about identity of an individual

​​12. ​Disapproved register

​13. ​ARC legal assistance policy

​​14. ​Decommissioning ex-police cars

​​​15. NIE exams


​October 2016

​01. RIPA training 2012


​02. College work with Saudi Arabia


​03. Professional Committee minutes


​04. ​Firearms licensing


​05. Complaints and grievances received by the College


​​​06. Data on hate crime

​07. Undercover policing units

​08. Family Law Act 1986, section 34

​​09. ​Direct Entry Scheme

​​10. Pre-charge bail report - Letter sent to the Home Secretary on College powers

​11. SEARCH associates


​November 2016

​01. CENTREX training manual


02. ​Guidance for PNC trainers


03. ​Equipment interference


​​04. ​Undercover policing units

05. ​Interrogation/interview techniques

​​06. ​APP guidance in forces

​07. Missing persons technology

​08. Open source intelligence research

​09. Social media in law enforcement


​December 2016

01. ​Mental Health Act


​02. Training and guidance in respect of spit hoods or similar devices


03. ​Direct entry grant spending/CoP budget spending


04. ​HPDS statistics query

​05. ​Query regarding 'Masonic Lodge' within CoP

​​06. ​National Investigators Examinations held between 2011 and 2016

​​​07. Query regarding photography and filming guidance ACPO 2014

​08. College international work - UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

09. ​Social media monitoring

​10. Social media monitoring software


​January 2017

01. ​Senior PNAC/SCC query


02. ​Disapproved Register


03. ​Statistics request on the take up of the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing


​04. Roles within College relating to High Court remedy pertaining to the findings against Cleveland Police for the unlawful use of RIPA in 2012

​​05. ​Requesting information on Pitchford Inquiry

​06. ​Requesting estate information on College sites

​​07. ​Timeframe for when the College will review its decision not to give special constables tasers

​08. Guidelines for the use of equipment interference


​February 2017

01. ​College vacancy information


02. ​Statistics relating to College of Policing Fast Track scheme


​​03. ​Training of Direct Entry Inspectors

​​04. ​Compliance to Human Rights and Equality Legislation

​05. Numbers on Disapproved Register

​06. Open source intelligence research

​March 2017

01. ​Operational Firearms Commanders and Advance Driving courses


​02. Qualitative analysis on open text consultation responses 


03. ​Number of police officers completing various College training courses


04. ​ACPO Police First Aid Learning Programme

​​05. Training provided by College international and statistics around breakdowns in nationality

​06. College's Police Educational Qualification Framework consultation responses

​07. ​College's Police Educational Qualification Framework consultation responses

​08. Internal communications on spit guards

​09. APP guidance on conducting complex child abuse cases / College of Policing's guidelines on child abuse from and including August 2015

​April 2017

01. College of Policing employees residing outside the UK


​02. ​College of Policing police drone training schemes


​​​03. Use of tactical contact in pursuit by police officers

​​04. Publicly accessible domain names ending in '.police.uk'

​​05. PSNI - 2017 CON-SGT promotion process

​06. System/supplier currently used for Payroll

​07. Statistics relating to falsification of CVs by College staff

​08. College of Policing IT department structure chart

​09. SEARCH Associates

​10. Retention of data regarding Police Information Notices (PINS)

​May 2017

​01. PSNI - Examination marking process

​02. PSNI - Examination demographics

​03. PSNI - Computer-based test scores and demographics

​04. PSNI - Promotion process: Candidate demographics

​05. Police Constable to Inspector Fast Track National Assessment Centre 2015

​06. Authorised Professional Practice restricted topics

​07. Statistics relating to those who sat NIE in 2015 and 2016

​08. College's position regarding training for the authorisation of undercover activities under RIPA 2000

​09. Chief Police Officer selection/appointment

​10. Investigation of sexual abuse/offences - polices and guidelines (Disclosure Document 1 and Disclosure Document 2)

​June 2017

​01. PSNI - Pass rates

​02. PSNI - Pass rates by age group

​03. PSNI - Flawed and not-fit-for-purpose questions

​04. PSNI - CON-SGT promotion process and police departments

​05. PSNI - Pass rates

​06. PSNI - Pass rates in relation to additional marks due to flawed questions

​07. PSNI - Pass rates for particular candidate ages in the CON-SGT promotion process

​08. Potentially Dangerous Person declassification and the archiving of intelligence

​09. Agenda for the National Attendance Management Forum (NAMF) held 27/03/2015

​10. Guidance in relation to online hate crime

​11. Consultation on proposed changes to Chief Constable appointments and police pay machinery

​12. PSNI - Sergeant promotion process 2017

​13. POLKA activity

​July 2017

​​01. Eyesight Standards

​02. PSNI - Pass rates for particular candidate ages in CON-SGT promotion process

​03. Disapproved Register Information

​04. PSNI - Pass rates of those applicants 40 and over, and those under 40

​05. PSNI - Number of questions deemed problematic by College of Policing

​06. PSNI - Teams from which candidates worked in on commencing legal exam

​07. Printing and MFD contracts

​08. Armed Policing Strategic Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA)

​09. Cyber crime completion figures

​10. Service history for Landrover Discovery formerly owned by the College of Policing

​11. Courses offered to the police service in England and Wales by the College of Policing

​12. PSNI - Pass rates and candidate numbers in relation to the additional marks awarded due to the problematic questions

​13. Problematic questions within College of Policing exams since its foundation

​August 2017

​01. International clients and partners the College of Policing has worked with

​02. Complaints / issues / grievances / whistle blows against the College of Policing

03. Disapproved Register​

​04. Cell site analysis by police England, Sussex and London (Met)

​05. Examination pass-rate demographics excluding PSNI 

​06. The role of the College of Policing and police forces in handling FOIs

​07. College of Policing's proposed guidance for misconduct hearing outcomes

​08. PSNI - Pass rates of the law exam (stage 2) in the CON-SGT promotion process

​09. FOI requests to the College of Policing from UK police forces

 September 2017

​01.  College of Policing media and communications press release software

​02. NPPF legal exam pass rate statistics and question writing course statistics

​03. Breakdown of legal examinations taken since 2013 with unusual response patterns

​04. National Police Firearms Curriculum

​05. Communication between College of Policing and Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland

​October 2017

​01. Correspondence between PSNI and the College of Policing

​02. Design of the College of Policing logo

​03. Use of Royal Crown on the College of Policing logo

​04. Police Officer guidelines concerning Acute Behavioural Disturbance (ABD) / Excited Delirium (ED

​05. Information on the candidates involved in CON-SGT promotion processes when candidate-numbers have been 200 or above

​06. Topic breakdown of the NPPF Step 2 Inspectors' Examination 2017

​07. Computer applications used by the College of Policing

​08. National Oversight Group Meetings (National Undercover Scrutiny Panel) meetings 2017

​09. Fitness test data

​10. Direct Entry Statistics

​11. Fees charged by College of Policing to UK police forces

​November 2017

​01. College of Policing guidance, protocols and training relating to the conduct of internal disciplinary tribunals in respect of witnesses

​02. International leadership programme 142/17

​03. PNC and PND user manual, training documents and policies

​04. Communications between CoP with Wiltshire Police on Operation Conifer

​05. Operation Hydrant advice

​06. Diversity of non service assessors for PNAC 2017

​07. Training provided to overseas law and enforcement units and personnel

​08.  PSNI - Constable to Sergeant OSPRE Part 2 2007 & 2008 examination

​09. Fees charged by College of Policing to UK police forces - breakdown by year and amount charged and stage of examination

​10. Number of serving police officers seconded to the College of Policing

​11. Copy of minutes of the National Oversight Group, May 2017

​12. Breakdown of statistics regarding section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015

December 2017

​01. Guidance, consultation, communications, risk assessments and reports related to the Fraud Investigation Model

​02. Consultation on misconduct panel chairs

​03. Recruitment and selection of new Chief Constables guidance

​​04. Inspectors exam 2015 - 2017

​05. Written teaching materials related to the International Leadership Programme 142/17

​January 2018

​01. Exam errors in inspectors and sergeants processes

​02. NPPF Inspectors exam

​03. Police assisting bailiff at private address to gain entry and training given 

​04. Constable recruitment at Ryton 14th December 2017

​05. Police officers working for the College of Policing

​06. College of Policing policy on advertised job opportunities

​07. Request of unpublished essay held by National Policing Library

​08. Police firearm training

​February 2018

​01. College of Policing finance received from Home Office and income generated

​02. Fees charged by College of Policing to PSNI Bedfordshire and Gloucestershire

​03. National police SEARCH assessment centre

​04. Recruitment policy on shortlisting and interviewing candidates

​March 2018

​01. Minutes from the National Undercover Scrutiny Panel from May 2017

02.  Training provided by the College to the Philippines

​03.  Direct Entry Superintendent statistics

​01.  PSM manual

​02.  Correspondence between Lancashire and CoP in relation to most recent con-sgt promotion process

​03.  Issues surrounding police social media accounts

​04.  Training material and resources for officer training in use of airwave radios

​05.  International police assistance to countries listed on college website

​​06.  Examinations and marking guides for NPPF Part 2 Legal Examination for Sergeants and Inspectors 2014 - 2018

​​07.  Guidance produced relating to police dealing with street preachers

​​08.  Policy procedure and guidance for use of intermediaries when undertaking witness interviews and investigations

​​09.  BME presence at the 2018 Strategic Command Course

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