Associate personnel provide a valuable resource to the College of Policing, bringing current, relevant and specialist skills that complement our staff.

​Associate roles include trainers, coaches, assessors, designers, invigilators and expert witnesses.

External Associates are "individuals who are independent of the College and who are sourced directly on a personal basis, or via an agency, charity, partnership or limited company for specific tasks".   Please note that police officers, police staff, civil servants or employees of any other public sector body cannot be engaged as External Associates.

Service Associates are "police officers, police staff and others who are engaged directly by a business unit for specific tasks that require temporary additional resources". Service Associates are generally engaged through ACPO Business Areas, working groups and project consultation groups, or via professional registers.

Important information

  • Associates are engaged on an ad hoc basis for specific, short-term, discrete pieces of work.
  • Payment is dependent on the nature of the work undertaken.
  • A robust recruitment and selection process is applied where successful Associates are retained on an approved list.
  • Acceptance onto the approved list of associates does not guarantee the offer of work.
  • All applications are subject to security vetting and reference checks.
  • Associate engagement is subject to the Associate Terms and Conditions or Personally Engaged Associate Terms and Conditions.
  • The College will make PAYE deductions in respect of income tax and primary national insurance contributions from any payments made, to comply with HMRC requirements. Associates should also be aware of the requirement that public sector organisation will have to ensure compliance with IR35 intermediaries legislation from April 2017
  • Associates wishing to undertake a Trainer role must hold a level 4 teacher/trainer qualification, such as a Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS Level 4), Diploma in Learning and Development, Certificate in Education, NVQ 4 Learning and Development or equivalent.
  • Police officers, police staff and civil servants cannot be engaged as External Associates.​​​​​
  • From 1st August 2016, all associates will be required to pay for and maintain their own level of vetting.  The recommended level will be determined by the opportunity applied for.  This clearance will be paid for by the associate and not the College.  The pricing structure of the available vetting levels is as follows:

                 * NPPV 1 £55 per application (valid for 3 years provided engagements in each 12 month period)

                * NPPV 2 £95 per application (valid for 3 years provided engagements in each 12 month period)

                * NPPV 3 £145 per application (valid for 7 years with a £10 annual security review)

                * Additional CTC £21

                * Additional SC £21


Please be aware that the College receive significant numbers of Expressions of Interest and are therefore unable to offer specific feedback where individuals are not accepted onto the Associate database.

Current opportunities

To express your interest in being an External Associate, please complete the Associate Expression of Interest Form , or complete the Invigilator and SME Expression of Interest Form if you are soley interested in just these types of roles and send the applicable form to

Only Expressions of Interest relevant to the following role will be considered.  Please make it clear in your Expression of Interest the role(s) you wish to be considered for:

Senior Independent Assessors for Senior Selection Assessment Centres

​Can you help select the future leaders of the police service?

The College of Policing is responsible for delivering a number of senior-level national assessment centres, including those for the new Fast Track and Direct Entry routes into policing. We are currently seeking applications to extend our bank of independent external assessors.

You will act as a full member of an assessor team, working with senior colleagues from within policing to make fair and objective assessments of candidates looking to join the police service or progress to the most senior levels. While the assessment days are demanding, you will be part of a supportive team and the role offers an opportunity to make new contacts, develop your personal assessment skills, and provide a thought-provoking experience to take back to your day job.

Applications are welcomed from individuals who have:

  • held an executive level position in a private, public or third sector context
  • availability to assess for at least one week per year
  • independence from the police service (have never been employed by a police force or policing agency)
  • the confidence and resilience to challenge senior police officers to provide a robust and fair assessment.

In return, you will be provided with:

  • a comprehensive ORCE assessment and interview briefing covering the specifics of the assessment centres
  • a competitive day rate plus travel and subsistence expenses.


PNC Training Delivery and Assessments


ICT Learning Programmes is experiencing an increased demand in for delivery of PNC training and PNC Trainer Assessment and is looking for Associates who might be able to support this work.

Scope of Work

​To assist by delivering PNC training in one or more of the following areas:

PNC Names Enquiry
PNC Vehicle and Property Enquiry
PNC Wanted Missing Disqualified Drivers
PNC Vehicle and Property Update
PNC Offence Processing

To assess trainers against the competencies for PNC training delivery relevant to the areas they wish to be accredited to deliver (this is subject to the associate being accredited on the PNC Trainer Register for the relevant subject areas the candidate is being assessed against).

These two pieces of work could be conducted by the same individuals or by separate individuals.

Time Period:  September 2016 onwards

Duration of Associate Employment

Multiple periods of activity available potentially throughout the year.  Assessment activity would be approximately 4-6 days work at a time.  Training delivery could be 1 to 5 days in duration as required.

Location of Employment:

Various locations around the country.  Some delivery may take place at Ryton whilst other activity may be at a specific force location.


1. To deliver PNC training to the national PNC learning standards managed and maintained by the College of Policing and relevant locations around the UK.

2. To assess individuals against PNC trainer competency profiles in order for them to be added to the PNC Professional Trainer Register.

Work Responsibilities

1. Deliver PNC training for a variety of different customers at appropriate locations across the UK.

2. Assess individuals wishing to become accredited PNC trainers through a variety of methods including observation and professional discussion in order for them to be added to the Professional Register of PNC trainers.

Skills Required

1. Hold a nationally recognised Trainer Qualification at level 3 or above.

2. Be listed on the PNC Trainer Professional Register (maintained by the College) as a current accredited PNC trainer in one or more of the following areas:

PNC Names Enquiry
PNC Vehicle and Property Enquiry
PNC Wanted Missing Disqualified Drivers
PNC Vehicle and Property Update
PNC Offence Processing

3. If applying for assessment work also, must meet the standards for Assessors outlined in the Police Sector Standard for Assessors  It is only if an individual meets this standard and is on the PNC Assessor Register that they can assess PNC trainers.  Individuals can be added to the Assessor register if they meet the above criteria. "

Experience Required

1. Delivery of PNC training in accordance with the College of Policing PNC learning standards.

2. Assessment of trainers against National Occupational Standards and/or National PNC learning standards.

Additional notes on the above

Would consider associates to cover one or both of the required activities.

​Trainers for international courses

​Our International Academy is interested to hear from potential Associates with recognised training qualifications and extensive training experience.

Many of its programmes are delivered in-country, mainly in the developing world, so training experience overseas would be an advantage.

Assistant Invigilators

The primary purpose of the Assistant Invigilator is to assist the Senior Invigilator with the running of the examination site. No formal qualifications are required for this role, however previous experience of invigilating examinations would be a distinct advantage.

Expressions of interest are welcomed from individuals who can demonstrate experience in the following areas:

  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to deliver and receive constructive feedback
  • The ability to understand and memorise information and facts
  • Sound judgement and the ability to assess others objectively, fairly and with consistency
  • High levels of concentration and stamina
  • An ability to monitor own performance and undertake self development
  • A flexible approach to work, prepared to work alone or as a team member
  • Confidence to take responsibility for decisions

The posts require an amount of travel and most of the work will be carried out at examination sites located throughout England and Wales.
Selected associates will be allocated to an examination site within their stated range of travel and as close as possible to their home address. Expressions of interest are particularly welcomed from individuals who are based in the following police force areas or who are willing to travel to:

  • Essex (especially Colchester, Southend and Chelmsford).
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Norfolk/Suffolk (especially Norwich)
  • Devon and Cornwall
  • Gloucestershire
  • Wiltshire (especially Devizes)
  • Dorset (especially Bournemouth)
  • Sussex
  • Thames Valley
  • South Wales (especially Cardiff and Bridgend)
  • London
  • Cumbria

Communications Data Investigator (CDI) Trainers

7​​​CDI trainers are required to assist with the provision of CDI training and related CPD activities. Additionally specialist inputs are needed for mainstream investigative and intelligence training programmes.. Applicants should be experienced CDIs with a proven training background. Associate Trainers must hold a level 4 teacher/trainer qualification (see Important Information above). Availability to deliver training internationally would be an asset.

Communications Tactical Advisor (Airwave) - Fire Service input

The College of Policing lead the management, delivery and assessment of a Joint Emergency Services Communications Tactical Advisor (Airwave) course.  This tri-service course requires tri-service trainers delivering to a tri-service audience; Police, Fire and Ambulance.  It is anticipated that this 3-day programme will be run approximately10 times per year. The first novice course is to be ran in June 2016.

A pool of trainers will be utilised to deliver this programme and ensure resilience in the delivery.  External Associates particularly with Fire Service experience are sought.

Venues TBC, but likely to be using a range of College of Policing, Emergency Service training venues or training/conference facilities at locations across England and Wales.


1. To act as lead Fire deliverer for the Communications Tactical Advisor (Airwave) novice course being delivered.

2. To act as lead Fire deliverer for the Communications Tactical Advisor (Airwave) course being delivered, moving forward, over the next 12 months.


Training experience, Competent to deliver the Fire input on the Communications Tactical Advisor Course including facilitation of group activities and conducting 1:1 competency assessments.


Experience of the role of a Fire Communications Tactical Advisor and experience of delivering inputs on the Communications Tactical Advisor (Airwave) course within the last 12 months.

Hydra Facilitator

​Hydra Facilitator’s are sought to assist with the provision of Hydra exercises, this could include training delivery, design and subject matter expertise.

Expressions of Interest are welcomed from individuals with experience of training delivery in the following areas:

  • Investigation
  • Public Order
  • Local Resilience Forums
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Safeguarding (Adult and Child Protection)
  • Multi Agency working
  • Leadership
  • Initial Police Training

Expressions of Interest should have a recognised training qualification and / or be able to evidence previous training delivery, ideally they will have undergone a College Hydra Facilitator Course or have extensive knowledge, experience of Hydra and Immersive Learning methodologies.

Technical Skills – Forensic Associates

Technical Skills Delivery has an increasing demand to deliver a variety of products both on and off site. We are looking for Subject Matter Experts with / working towards a level four training qualification. Individuals with skills and recent experience as Forensic Specialists who can assist the training team to deliver a wide range of College of Policing products.

Trainers and SME’s who may already be registered with the International Academy are still requested to show an expression of interest.

Scope of Work:
Delivery on Technical Skills portfolio to include Search, Investigative skills and Covert.

Duration of Engagement:  up to 25 days

Location of Engagement:  College of Policing Sites and external venues.

To build a cadre of associate trainers to deliver the Forensic element within the Technical skills programme. Both internally and externally.

Work Responsibilities:
To work as an Associate trainer leading on the delivery of Forensic elements contained within existing Technical Skills products.

Skills Required:
Level 4 qualification or currently working towards and experience in delivery of Technical Skills programme products. A professionally recognised vocational qualification in a forensic related area. (e.g. Foundation Crime Scene Investigation or National Fingerprint Learning Programmes) or an equivalent qualification in a related forensic science discipline).

  • Experience Required:
    Been educated to degree level or have proven technical expertise, knowledge & experience in the provision of forensic services within policing. 
  • The ability to communicate effectively at all levels on an individual and group basis.

Technical Skills Covert Delivery


Technical Skills Covert Delivery has an increasing demand to deliver a variety of products both on and off site.  We are also looking for Subject Matter Experts with / working towards a level four training qualification.  Individuals with skills and recent experience as Authorising Officers / Covert Monitoring Post Managers/ Covert Operatives who can assist the training team to deliver a wide range of College of Policing products.

Trainers and SME’s who may already be registered with the International Academy are still requested to show an expression of interest.

Scope of Work:  Delivery on Technical Skills Covert portfolio

Duration:  50 days

Location:  College of Policing Sites and external venues


To build resilience of trainers to deliver the Technical skills Covert programme.  Both internally and externally.

To work as an Associate trainer leading on the delivery of Technical Skills Covert products.

Skills required:

Level 4 qualification or currently working towards and experience in delivery of Covert programme products.

Experience required:

Extensive training delivery experience and a sound background in Covert operation management.


Dependent on qualification and experience £200-250/day.

Additional Notes:

Individuals will be subject to vetting procedure.

Peer Review & Support Associates

The College of Policing conducts Peer Reviews and provides Peer Support to police forces. Forces seek support in addressing a range of operational and organisational issues. We undertake diagnostic work to understand the issues they seek to address. We coordinate a range of professional networks of subject matter experts who act as peers to provide specialist support. The Organisational Development and International Faculty draws upon the evidence base of what works well in Organisational Development to promote and share learning across the service. We are seeking applications from suitably qualified people to assist in this work.

To diagnose, review and provide support to forces that will assist in Organisational Development and improve operational service delivery.

To build the transformation and business change capabilities within forces and support the professional development of Members of the College of Policing.

To support forces in adopting continuous improvement principles and develop their own sustainable solutions.

Level 6 or 7 qualification and knowledge of Organisational Development practice, particularly including strategy, structure, process, culture and people.

Gathering information and data to effectively assess organisational systems.

Understanding of systems thinking approaches across an organisation and beyond.

Ability to work with forces to assist them in developing workable solutions to improve their organisation and credibility to influence and advise senior leaders.

Strong ability to think and operate strategically and creatively

Able to engender and enthuse team members. Enjoys and excels in working well with frontline officers and College members to take account of their views, ideas and practical concerns.

Applications would be welcome from individuals who can demonstrate a successful track record at a senior/strategic level of leading business change management, assessment, evaluation and performance management.

Investigative Trainers

​Investigative trainers are being sought to assist in the delivery of investigation training programmes which include: Child Sexual Exploitation/Abuse, Counter Corruption, Investigating Sudden Childhood Death (ISCD), Senior Investigating Officers Development Programme (SIODP) and Management of Serious Crime Investigations Development Programme (MSCIDP). Additionally, specialist inputs are needed for mainstream investigative and intelligence training programmes. Applicants should be experienced investigators and PIP3 accredited. Associate Trainers must hold a level 4 teacher/trainer qualification. Availability to deliver training internationally would also be an asset.

Associate Trainer - Senior Leadership Programme

The College of Policing currently delivers a Senior Leadership Programme (SLP) which is aimed at newly promoted Chief Inspectors and Superintendents.  The SLP is made up of 4 modules and is linked to a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 qualification in Strategic Management & Leadership. 

Associate Trainers are sought to support the delivery for all SLP modules. The 4 modules are:

Executive Skills – This module is designed to equip delegates with the skills to lead in a complex environment where effective and authentic leadership and the ability to influence others is essential. It explores situational leadership, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and ethical, values-based, decision making.

Valuing Difference and Inclusion – This module is designed to help delegates to develop an in-depth understanding of the operational value of a diverse workforce. As a result of attending this module, delegates will also be able to articulate the strategic business case for valuing difference and inclusion within an operational/organisational context.

Business Skills – This module is designed to enable delegates to become more effective in managing people, performance, change, finance and resources, in a fluid and challenging working environment. Subjects explored include project management, systems thinking, business case development and the health and wellbeing agenda.

Command Skills - Delegates to develop the skills which will improve their effectiveness in managing and commanding critical incidents in accordance with Authorised Professional Practice.  This module includes sessions on decision making, the use of the National Decision Model, risk principles and human rights. The HYDRA immersive learning environment is used to consolidate the learning on this module.

Duration:  Ongoing

Location:  College of Policing sites and occasional bespoke delivery in forces.

Ongoing development, support and delivery as and when required by the Leadership Team Manager in support of the Leadership Team.

Work Responsibilities:
Deliver SLP modules to agreed content and specifications, developing and adapting, where appropriate, teaching techniques, lesson plans, scenarios and training materials to meet individual students’ abilities, levels of understanding and learning styles, to ensure that all students receive a consistent, high quality training intervention which addresses their learning and development needs. Develop new learning materials as required. Demonstrate high levels of commitment to continuous personal development.

Skills required:

  • Ability to deliver high quality training courses to senior police leaders. 
  • Ability to design and produce high quality training material.
  • Ability to facilitate HYDRA Immersive Learning events.
  • Ability to deliver MBTI & 360 feedback sessions.
  • Training / teaching qualifications (Level 4) - or substantial recent experience of senior leadership training.
  • Management qualifications (level 7).

Experience required:
Individuals will be able to demonstrate substantial recent experience (within the previous 5 years) of:

  • Operating successfully at a senior leadership level
  • Developing, coaching or mentoring staff
  • Delivering high quality and impactive training and development events   for middle to senior managers
  • A good understanding of the key strategic challenges facing the police  service / public sector organisations

An ideal individual will have held a recent (with the past 3 years) Public Order or Firearms Command (Gold or Silver Level) or PIP Investigation level 3 accreditation.

Individuals who are MBTI Authorised Practitioner Step I or II and / or Hyfac Accredited would be particularly welcomed.

Individuals with recent experience of training delivery in the area of diversity / equality act legislation are also encouraged to submit an expression of interest form.

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